Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lets just say...

Wednesday..  yeah..

Base Avatar:  Chinchilla head, skin, ears, jaw and eyes by Curious made by Uchi Desmoulins, Tail is modified and re-textured from the avatar Forest Qwhilla by Tokushi Avatars. Hands are from the Roonk avatar made by Derp.
Hair: Velvet w/Roots - snow by Truth Hair
Shoes: Bolts Sneakers by HOC (House of Curios)
Undershirt: layering tee.rd cherry by JANE
Tee: TomboyTee - Bitchin' by [Plastilk]
Jeans: Buckle Back Jeans - Black by *Connors*
Tongue: Sculpt Animated Tongue by Tartessos Arts
Belt: SlimJeansBelt_Black - leaden by *COCO*
(Please keep in mind I am good at modifying things. Hair, avatar pieces and anything else may have been modified to fit)

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