Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So, my friend Quin and I are on our way to the pool!

Quin is wearing the Kinzart Kreetures Grey Bat (recolored)with Dazzle Bat slitted eyes

and I am wearing the Tokushi Amber Fox

Quin is wearing
Glasses: [Spottycat Studios] Glasses: Simply Round
Hair: [Red Queen] Fever Onyx
Shorts: DERP. Cargo Pants shorts
Top: .:: DELISH ::. Olive Bikini Top
Necklace: :Fusion: Cord Necklace
Accessory: =blu= Bikini Beach shoulder towel

I am wearing
Hair: Truth Bebe in Mocha
Shorts: {mon tissu} Cuffed Denim Shorts
Top: coldLogic top - andersen.yellows
Necklace: *League* DayDream Necklace -Moving Sky -SingleTier

(Please keep in mind I am good at modifying things. Hair, avatar pieces and anything else may have been modified to fit)

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