Friday, July 20, 2012


OK, I love mesh..  especially when it comes in convenient sizes! These warmers come in sizes to fit just about any avatar, and they are so awesome! Lots of detail on the buckles and such. The shrug works well with my prim boobs too!

Avatar: Amber Fox: Mix of creatures, please IM if you are interested

Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Sayaka2" (Type A)(Onyx)
Top: -[SK]- Double Striped Half Hoodie (Black White) (Female) MESH!
Leg Warmers: -[SK]- Buckled FurBinders (Black White) MESH!
Shorts: *League* Sunday Sweats-Black
Panty: *League* HighCut Tanga -Marl- Black/White (ul)
Tits: DERP. Tits [Small Nipples]
Nipple tape: Homemade by my friend Krae Stern (Not sure if the texture is for sale)

Special thanks to my friend, Roz Darkwyr, for texturing my boobs, didn't she do an awesome job?

(Please keep in mind I am good at modifying things. Hair, avatar pieces and anything else may have been modified to fit)

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